Oriental pop culture

This is the universe of Bunka Pop
Bunka Pop is a show about oriental pop culture with light and fun language. Presenters Jack Freitas and Moo-Chan talk about manga, anime, cosplay, action figures, fashion and Japanese films.
A pioneer in the genre, Bunka Pop is on YouTube and has also been aired daily on the pay TV channel PlayTV
Jack and Moo-Chan

In addition to actors, both presenters are cosplayers


The channel has more than 600,000 subscribers with an engaged audience

Multiplatform Content

The project is on YouTube, Facebook, Istagram on pay-TV and the duo also interacts on their personal social networks

Beyond YouTube

The duo participate in important events of the segment in Brazil, such as Anime Friends (SP), CCXP (SP) and Anime Jungle Party (AM), talking about Bunka Pop





Production of content on anime, manga, cosplay and oriental pop culture


Our audience is young and fond of Oriental pop culture


Jack is an actor, voice actor and artistic director; Moo-Chan is a voice actress and studies Japanese