Lists, curiosities and lots of content!

The channel for those who are passionate about the eighth art
Pipocando Games is a channel derived from Pipocando, Latin America's largest movie channel, and produces a different content about games. With lists, curiosities and challenges.
Presented by Rolandinho, Damiani and Gaybol, the channel has fun content for all types of gamers - from quiz with special guests to interviews with the country's most famous gamers.
Explosive Growth!

With over 900,000 subscribers, the channel has an average of 3 million monthly views!

Perfect balance

We learned the formula to balance content and fun.

Brand Safe / Family Friendly

We take care of advertiser brands by never associating them with inappropriate themes and terms

Well targeted

The content is made and presented by people who really understand games!

Unlike many YouTube channels that started in a bedroom before they became professionalized, Pipocando was born as a business and has a team of more than 50 professionals in the area of content, art, production, post-production, project management, commercial and finance




Pioneer Gamers

Rolandinho was one of the first Brazilian game’s YouTuber and Gaybol has been producing game content for more than 5 years.


We’ve had many illustrious gamer guests, like Rato Borrachudo, Gusang, and professional players.

Betting on the right horse

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, especially with the popularization of e-sports with its huge events and championship’s audience


The videos have very high approval rates, usually 99% of the audience

Who is watching

Our audience is young, between 18 and 34 years old. We have over 3 million monthly views and 100 thousand daily views on average

"Carved" by hand

Careful in every detail, video thumbnails are hand drawn