Pipocando Música

Music Curiosities Jam Sessions
Inspired by Pipocando Games launching success, we decided to further expand the "Pipocando" brand with Pipocando Música, which is presented by Bruno Bock and Zeeba.
The editorial line follows the seal of quality that won the heart of the spectators in Pipocando, mixing fun and information in lists and curiosities, this time on the world of music. And the best: with presenters who understand the subject!
Explosive Growth!

With almost 2 million subscribers, the channel has an average of 4 million monthly views!

From musicians to musicians

We received many special guests among them: Vitor Kley, Paulo Miklos, Chitãozinho & Xororó among others!

Brand Safe / Family Friendly

We take care of advertiser brands by never associating them with inappropriate themes and terms

Perfect balance

We learned the formula to balance content and fun.

Unlike many YouTube channels that started in a bedroom before they became professionalized, Pipocando was born as a business and has a team of more than 50 professionals in the area of content, art, production, post-production, project management, commercial and finance




Professional Musicians

Zeeba is a well-known musician worldwide and Bruno Bock is also passionate about music and exotic instruments


In addition to our hosts, we have the presence of great guests from the music world.

Playlists on Spotify

The songs mentioned in each video are compiled into Spotify playlists

Channel Network

Presenters also have their personal channels on YouTube and Instagram where they talk about music and other passions

Who’s watching

Our audience is mostly young, between 18 and 34 years old

For every taste

Because the content is comprehensive and involves diverse genres and musical styles, we are able to reach a wider audience